The main directions
of the company’s work

are the development and implementation of solutions for the gaming industry on the technical task of the Customer

We have a wide

Developers of Drive Media are highly skilled professionals, whose decisions in the field of gaming industry has gained popularity in many countries

We always keep

Drive Media constantly monitors gaming industry market updates and improves the quality of provided services and products.

Game management system

Automation Systems of Casino

Our long-term experience and a team of professionals allowed us to create a convenient and modern management system of online games. Our partners can independently adjust the platform for its market, on individual terms. Through this, you can regulate the levels of rates, and, within certain limits, adjust the interest on the games.

Management Systems of Drive Media casino are universal and cross-platform supporting, which will allow players to play with the same login both on the computer and the tablet without having to install additional programs.

The platform includes several modules, each of which can be customized to your preference. Any member has the ability to integrate the third-party software by API, so the platform can be implemented in any assembly according to your wishes.

Brand adjusting

Quick and easy adjustment of all key elements of the brand, regardless of the platform you have for one product or for a few.

Management system of casino games

You can connect any game of your choice, with it in both games for cash and in demo mode.


For maximum convenience, the system of report generating supports: filters, add / remove fields and change of row groups in the reports.

Player management

For each player in the system there is a special card, which contains detailed information about him and his gaming activity.

Bonus system

Bonus module supports both the management of simple deposit bonuses, as well as setting up of a loyalty program, as well as setting up of the races, tournaments and lotteries.

Technical support platform

You can see all the people that are on the site, and customize audio and graphic alerting to make your marketing strategy more effective.

Risk Management Tool

This tool is closely linked with modules for bonuses, player’s management and support service module. The process of fraudulent activity tracking is fully automated to minimize your labor and financial costs for Risk-department running.

CRM platform

Customer relationship management has micro segmenting by the behavioral factors, automated mailers and reporting.

CMS-tool with a set of dirigible samples

Most new operators are seeking to minimize costs at startup. One of the best solutions for this is the use of a ready site sample to reduce the expenses for programmers and designers.

Access control

The ability of maximum access control for different groups with the possibility of grouping. Thus, the system can be adjusted to any company format with a different structure of the departments.