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Jackpot Gaming System

Jackpot systems are one of the most attractive products of modern gaming equipment. Availability of Jackpot system for a long time is considered an obligatory attribute of every self-respecting casino. Of course, many players come to play for pleasure, but those who do not want to hit the jackpot, there are very few of them. Almost every casino player is hoping to win the jackpot and translate its daring dreams. That is why the Drive Media offers you to connect the Jackpot system.

Jackpot system for slot machines, table games, and even live casino - is an effective tool that will help you attract more and more new players to your casino and to keep them there. The coveted prize intrigues, attracts players, regardless of the purpose for which they came to your casino.

You can customize the display of the table of winners to all the players see, to whom and how much the coveted prize went. Firstly, it will be a wonderful reflection of the integrity of your establishment. Players are assured - it is not a hoax. Secondly, to see how other players accidentally hit the jackpot is a great motivation to play again and hope that next time you have luck.

Creation and implementation of Jackpot

We have developed for you multi-level system of progressive Jackpot. A certain percentage of each player bet will go to the Jackpot treasury to accumulate a certain amount, then a random number generator is started, which shows, who of the players making the new rates, hit the coveted Jackpot.

This system allows players to ensure a good win and allows casino to earn. Due to the possibility to have a limit to which the accumulation go, you can accurately set the minimum size of the Jackpot. The random number generator will provide a full random in choosing the winner - the selection will be made fairly and impartially.

Jackpot’s types: