We present our board game High-Low, also known as the "senior-junior". In this game, the iron logic and fine intuition will help to your players. High-Low game is very loved by the players because of the primitiveness of its rules and the high probability of winning. Game senior-junior, despite the simplicity of its rules, gives your players a lot of fun and adrenaline, and, of course, a great chance to win.

Game rules:

While playing High-Low uses a deck of 52 cards. The player makes a bet, and the game begins. The game is between the player and the computer dealer. Dealer puts 2 cards in front of the player, one open, the other closed. The player must guess the closed card seniority relatively the open one. If intuition tells the player that closed card is of less dignity than the open one, he selects the “junior”. The dealer opens the second card, and it is getting clear, if player is right or his intuition let him down. If the player guesses correctly, the win goes to him. If the cards are equal, it is declared a draw; money is divided equally between the player and the casino.

Game features:

If a player gets King or Ace while distribution, the card with this face value is replaced by another, as the King is the eldest and Ace youngest card in High-Low.