European Roulette

European Roulette

None of self-respecting casinos, perhaps, does not go without such popular slot as European Roulette. Game rules are very simple, and the chances of winning are great. European Roulette is originated in Germany in the middle of 19th century. Since then, the popularity of roulette spread all over the world. Unlike the American Roulette, the European one has only one sector zero, which increases the chances of players to win. The game has a bright and sharp graphics and audio accompaniment, where the dealer on the background of pleasant music, communicates directly with the player. Thereby it creates a clear impression of playing in a real casino. There is no doubt that the European Roulette should be in every online casino.

Game rules:

European Roulette wheel is divided into 37 sections: 36 numbered sections and null section "zero". The numbers are arranged in an arbitrary order.

The playing field is divided into thirty-six cells, which are located in three rows (twelve) with numeration in ascending order. There is also a sector "zero" and the field of outside bets: dozen, red-black, even-odd), which are on the side of the main cell field.

The goal is to guess in which of the 37 numbered sections the ball will fall. Having guessed the winning cell, the player wins an amount corresponding to his rate.

Game features: