Blackjack Double Jack

Blackjack Double Jack

Blackjack Double Jack is as popular as its analogue the classic Blackjack. Having the same rules of the game, Classic Blackjack and Double differ only in the additional features of the last one. Therefore, we would recommend you to not limit only with a simple Blackjack, and to include Double Black Jack in your casino. More opportunities for games, more chances to win. That means more satisfied visitors of your casino.

Game rules:

The rules of the Double Jack are identical to the rules of Classic Blackjack.

The only difference is that the game is played in four decks of 52 cards. Cards from two to ten correspond to their nominal value. Face cards give 10 points, Ace - 1 or 11. The goal of the game is to collect Blackjack, namely 21 points. Gaining amount of points, which is higher than 21, the player automatically loses. The player wins when his combination of cards is higher than dealers, or if the last busts. If the sum of the dealer and the player cards matches, this is draw; the player has nothing to lose in this case.

Game features:

The game takes place in three boxes.

In this kind of Blackjack it is possible to make an additional Double Jack bet, which is also called "side bet." This bet is placed after the obligatory bet before the main distribution. Having made this bet at the beginning of the game and having got your cards on hand, you cannot reject the rate. The maximum size of a side bet must not exceed the amount of the principal. Double Jack bet wins if the first card of the usual combinations is the Jack or if the first two cards are a pair of Jacks. If the first card of obligatory combination is not the Jack, Jack Double the bet loses.