Betting shop organization

Predecessors of bookmaker’s business are sweepstakes that existed since the days of the Roman Empire, where the hippodrome was the traditional place for betting. After some time, there were added to the hippodrome cock and dog fighting. Only in the XIX century, sports becomes the subject of betting. Bookmaker’s organization originated as an alternative to sweepstakes. Unlike sweepstakes, sports betting did not require serious organization of rates taking in one cash desk. So relatively easy, it could stay afloat even in times of sweepstakes prohibition. The first sweepstakes and betting shops in Russia began to appear even before the revolution, but had purely clandestine nature. Only in the 80s in the Soviet Union there was established the sports totalizator "Sportprognoz", which was also engaged in lotteries "Sportloto," and about 1991 in Moscow the first modern betting companies appeared. Today in Russia, there are many betting shops.

Progress does not stand still, and the betting business has long gone beyond the physical space and is firmly established in the virtual world of computer technology.

Online betting shop is an excellent alternative to its off-line analogues. The advantages of such institutions are obvious: no need to spend money on premises renting and it requires much less attendant staff. Online betting shop is a very lucrative and promising business. Cooperation with the betting shop will give you a chance to win, while the organization of betting shop brings you a guaranteed stable income. An obvious question: how to create a betting shop?

Betting business is not difficult to open. Creating of online betting shop will require high quality and reliable software. If you are an experienced programmer, you can make your own script of betting shop. However, if you are not good at code writing, it is better to contact to professionals in this field. Purchase bookmaker script from world famous developer will be very expensive. Wanting to save money, you can use the software that is cheaper, but it is unlikely you will be pleased with its glitches, bugs and other defects. In addition, to organize betting shop, you have to hire a team of professional administrators, programmers, designers, marketers and expert on promotion of your betting club.

However, why reinvent the wheel when you can buy betting shop that is already ready for use?

Drive Media Company offers an excellent combination of price - quality - professionalism. Drive Media, being a professional in the development and implementation of software for online betting shops, offers you to buy the betting club and all the betting products. Drive Media offers not only open the online betting shop for you, but it can also assume all the organizational issues.

Все еще задаетесь вопросом, как открыть букмекерскую контору в интернете? Обратитесь в компанию Drive Media, команда профессионалов всё сделает за вас.

Your betting club from Drive Media developer may have the following features:

  • Unique eye-catching design.
  • Easy and clear interface.
  • Marketing tools and CRM.
  • Customer support 24/7.
  • Fraud and risk management.