Today, no one gives a precise answer, where and when gambling was born. About 2 500 years ago, scientists make us believe. It is known that the ancient Greeks and Romans were enjoyed with gusto with dice playing, which, perhaps, can be considered as the most ancient game of chance, in contrast to playing cards, which appeared only in the 14th century. In medieval Europe, gambling was considered the nobility’s lot; for mere mortal such a luxury was simply not available. Centuries later, the casino was spread around the world, in the late 80s the wave of gambling swept over Russia. Now all gambling establishments in Russia are prohibited under the legislation of the Russian Federation, so many casinos pumped into the virtual space.

Online casinos are becoming every day more and more popular, and the number of fans and visitors is growing inexorably. Thus, casinos have become universally available. Now, to enjoy first-class games, you do not need to go to Vegas or Baden-Baden. The organization and holding of gambling games in modern virtual game clubs are now at a very high level, so that you can feel the atmosphere of the best world’s casinos without leaving home.

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