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Betting shop organization

Predecessors of bookmaker’s business are sweepstakes that existed since the days of the Roman Empire, where the hippodrome was the traditional place for betting. After some time, there were added to the hippodrome cock and dog fighting. Only in the XIX century, sports becomes the subject of betting. Bookmaker’s organization originated as an alternative to sweepstakes...

How to open online casino?

As practice shows, the best and most reliable way to make money at a casino is to open your own. Today online casino is a profitable and easy to run business. Nowadays, many people would like to open your own online casino, but do not know where to start, and began opening casino faced with various difficulties in achieving their goal...

Casino Turnkey

Gambling games have existed since ancient times, in ancient Greece, for example, casinos had enormous popularity. In Russia, the first slot machines began to appear in the 80s of the last century. After the release of the notorious law banning gambling...

Slot machines for online casino

Slot machines playing is one of the most popular games in the casino. The popularity of slot machines is due, primarily, the fact that this game allows at a time to win a huge sum of money. The history of the first slot machines originated in England, in the end of 19th century there was invented the first prototype of a slot machine...


Today, no one gives a precise answer, where and when gambling was born. About 2 500 years ago, scientists make us believe. It is known that the ancient Greeks and Romans were enjoyed with gusto with dice playing, which, perhaps, can be considered as the most ancient game of chance, in contrast to playing cards, which appeared only in the 14th century...

Casino business plan

Where and when gambling was born? Today, no one gives a precise answer. About 2 500 years ago, according to scientists. Since then, interest in gambling is just growing, and casinos were acquiring more sophisticated and attractive look...